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At Olson Construction Law, our mission is to powerfully advocate for the construction industry by enforcing contracts, partnering with industry professionals (contractors, owners and engineers), and educating the industry about better ways to manage change.

Olson Construction Law was founded by Tom Olson in 1993. Our team brings more than twenty years of experience to the table.

Experience and Qualifications

Our technical knowledge helps us effectively assist contractors with unanticipated change issues. From highway-heavy construction to airports to geotechnical issues…we’ve worked with it all.

We are actively involved in trade associations as well as the national construction committees that set standard specifications. In addition, we have experience in the following construction areas:

Staying up to date on industry news, changes, standards, and technology is important to us. In order to ensure that we’re well connected to the construction industry at all times, we involved with several trade organizations:

  • National Utility Contractors Association (Board Member 2014-present)
  • National Utility Contractors Association (Trenchless Technology Committee 2012-present)
  • Construction Law Section, Minnesota State Bar Association
  • Minnesota Association of General Contractors
  • Minnesota Utility Contractors Association
  • Gopher State One Call Statute Advisory Committee (Helped Pass One Call Statute)
  • Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association
  • Dakota Asphalt Pavement Association
  • North Dakota AGC (DOT Specifications Committee 2008-Present)
  • South Dakota AGC (Concrete Paving and Municipal Utilities Committees 2007-Present)
  • Nebraska AGC (Paving, Utility and Grading Committees 2009-Present)
  • Iowa AGC (Specifications Committee 2009-Present)
  • Colorado NUCA (Government & Industry Committee 2012-Present)
  • National Utility Contractors Association

Our Proactive Approach to Managing Change 

We work with many public contractors who are entirely committed and well-equipped to bid and build successful projects. However, after successfully bidding low, operating within razor-thin margins, and building challenging projects in the face of multiple changes, those same contractors all too often are forced to abandon valid claims for extra costs and/or time extensions (sometimes even paying liquidated damages for late completion), or to accept payment of pennies on the dollar, solely because they neglected to fully evaluate and manage changes early and effectively.

Our goal is to help you to understand your contract and your rights, and to take the appropriate steps to manage change. To learn more about how we can help you powerfully manage change, click here.

Our Commitment to Strengthening Relationships

Our experienced construction attorneys  are committed to partnering with exceptional, success-driven contractors like you. We want to support your company and help you get paid for the unanticipated changes.