Contractor Client Wins at Arbitration Against McKenzie County, ND

Tom Olson’s quote from the Minot Daily News:

“The arbitrator’s decision is a huge victory for Gratech and other contractors working throughout North Dakota,” Thomas Olson said. “It sends the message that public owners must work with contractors when they encounter unforeseen utility delays and not simply demand that the contractor ‘figure it out.’ We hope this decision will not only result in improved utility coordination efforts on future construction projects, but also remind contractors that they can and should stand up to owners and engineers who disregard the contractual rights of those performing the work.”

Minot Daily News $1.7 Million Award-Gratech-McKenzie County Arbitration 6.18.2018


KCCI quote

Client Prevails in Jury Trial Against City of Des Moines

Our commitment is to help contractors cooperatively and fairly resolve issues on the project.  And, sometimes an owner or engineer will not agree to this.  When that happens, you need someone who will win at trial.  This is one of our bigger wins!

KCCI Article on Jenco v. Des Moines $1M Jury Award