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Bridge construction is a unique, irreplaceable part of our nation’s transportation infrastructure. The contractors that build bridges on public construction contracts are a highly specialized, highly technical group of professional contractors.

Olson Construction Law has developed its public construction bridge practice area to meet these contractors exactly where they’re at. Our firm has experience working with the specific technical issues which accompany this individualized area of public construction, knowing these technical issues must be clearly understood in order to promptly address any problems which arise during the course of construction. We combine our technical experience with our familiarity navigating federal, state, and local specifications to help our clients identify potential problems early, and develop the most efficient solution that allows successful project completion while protecting the contractors’ rights and interests.

Unique Issues

  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Scheduling Problems/Work Delays
  • Changes in Work
  • Utility Delays/Disruption

Representative Experience

  • Obtained jury verdict against City of Des Moines arising from differing site conditions claim and extra costs.
  • Obtained substantial settlement agreement for type II differing site conditions claim against Corps of Engineers related to soil reaction during pile driving for cofferdam work.

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