Construction Law

Construction Law That’s ProactiveKeeping the trench dry

We believe that we are the most valuable and effective when we are proactive, working with you to stop problems before they start.

Here are a few things that Olson Construction Law brings to your business:

A Comprehensive Understanding of the Construction Industry

Rather than evaluating contract rights “in a vacuum,” our attorneys appreciate the importance of understanding the underlying technical issues, whether simple or complex.

Here’s a sample of some of the construction areas we are familiar with:


Your Contractural Rights

Every attorney at Olson Construction Law regularly advises construction contractors on how to manage changes under public construction contracts, including DOT standard specifications and special provisions, standard form AGC, AIA, and EJCDC contracts, and municipal contracts. We’re committed to ensuring that all parties properly evaluate the contractor’s contractual rights up front, including properly following contractually mandated notice and claim procedures.

The most valuable contract rights can be useless to contractors if not properly enforced, so we help make sure that they are.

Support at all Stages of Construction

Our team consistently focuses on client costs, objectives, risks, bottom-line, operations and relationships which can be impacted at all stages of construction.

Here are some ways we can help protect your interests at every stage of your construction project.

Pre-Bid and Contact Execution

  • Contract preparation
  • CPM schedule consulting
  • Pre-bid documentation
  • Contract review
  • Contract negotiation
  • Compliance with bonding, insurance, OSHA, DBE, SWPP and other contract, state and federal requirements

Project Start-to-Completion

  • Following notice requirements
  • Documenting changes
  • Documenting extra costs
  • Documenting delays

Closing Out Projects

  • Preparing and presenting claims
  • Negotiating change orders
  • Obtaining time extensions
  • Avoiding liquidated damages

Litigation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • All stages of litigation, arbitration and/or mediation
  • Advising whether and how to pursue dispute resolution
  • Trials, arbitration hearings, and appeals

Proactive Change Management 

The best way that we can add value to your business it to help you learn to powerfully and proactively manage change.

In the public construction industry, change is inevitable. Dealing with change incorrectly or not at all can be a costly mistake. One survey estimated a total annual cost of construction changes to be over $60 billion…and up to 25% of your annual revenue could easily be at risk due to these unanticipated project changes.

At Olson Construction Law, our goal is to work with you proactively to manage project change, minimizing unexpected project costs, maximizing profits, and limiting liability for under-designed projects. Click here to learn more.