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Published Articles

Repair of Concrete Pavement Cracking: What the Roadmap Should Be, ACPA Concrete Pavement Association, Quarter 3 2018

NUCA Construction Law Committee Report, NUCA Utility Contractor Magazine, July/August 2018

Differing Site Conditions are Here to Stay:  A Roadmap to Change, NASTT National Convention, March 2018

Obtaining Change Orders, Not Lawsuits, NUCA IA Newsletter, March 2017

Overcoming Underdesigned Projects due to Inadequate Soils Engineering, NUCA Business Journal, November 2017

Your Legal Rights Following OSHA Citation, NUCA Business Journal, Fall 2016

Contractors:  Know the Rights and Obligations that Protect you from Bearing Design Defect Costs, NUCA Business Journal, January 2016

When the Street Settles: Owners Trying to Contract Away Liability for Defective Design, MUCA Underground Press, Fall 2015

When The Street Settles, Who Pays?, Minnesota Utility Contractor Association:  Underground Press, August 2014

Differing Site Conditions:  Getting Paid for Extra Expenses and Lost Time, NUCA Business Journal, Fall 2014

Controlling Project Change Costs, NUCA Business Journal Spring 2014

Contractor Recourse for Late Utility Relocation, NUCA Business Journal, Summer 2014


Liquidated Damages: How to Avoid Paying  (March 2017)

Concrete Pavement: Why Owners Should Pay for Random Cracking  (March 2017)

Asphalt Pavement Cracking, Settlement, and Heaving: Why the Contractor Should Not Have to Pay for the Repair  (February 2017)

Bridges: Engineers Fail to Take Soil Borings as Required  (February 2017)

Recent Decision on Differing Site Conditions, Alteration of Work and Impossibility of Design   (January 2015)

Getting Paid For Differing Site Conditions   (December 2014)

When the Street Settles, Who Should Pay the Cost of Repair?   (August 2014)

Limiting the Impact of Liquidated Damages   (November 2013)

Using Project Schedules to Document the Impact of Project Delays   (October 2013)

Recovering Delay Damages   (September 2013)

Soil Settlement   (September 2013)

Owner Caused Delays   (August 2013)

Constructive Acceleration   (August 2013)

Owners Risk of Defective Design   (July 2013)

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