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Trenchless Construction

Whether auger boring, microtunneling, horizontal directional drilling, or pipe jacking, trenchless technology is a rapidly growing section of the public construction industry. Trenchless technology is ideal for working with underground utilities and roadway crossings in urban or other busy areas. However, the nature of the technology often presents constructability issues unique to this industry. Olson Construction Law has an established history of helping trenchless technology contractors when issues like site access, differing site conditions, or movement arise on their construction project.

Our firm combines our technical knowledge of these issues with our legal knowledge of federal, state, and local specifications to ensure we can assist contractors quickly, efficiently, and with confidence that our clients rights are being protected.

Unique Issues

  • Boulders, Rocks, Obstructions
  • Site Access
  • Settlement/Movement
  • Utility Delays/Disruption

Representative Experience

  • Obtained settlement on federal boring projects related to differing site conditions and boulders.
  • Obtained settlement on Illinois boring project related to differing site conditions and nested boulders.
  • Obtained settlement agreement on Montana boring project related to differing site conditions and project design defect.

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